Q & A
  Q Can you tell me the opening hours about TCSAC?     
A Outdoor:8:00AM-10:00PM every day
Exhibition Room:9:00AM-5:30PM from Tuesday to Sunday, Monday off
Performance Hall:it depends on the monthly schedule
  Q Can you tell me how to go to TCSAC?
A When you are in Jhongshan Expressway: please turn to No.4 highway via Fongyuang system and leave Cingshuei interchange .
Follow the directions and go along with Jhonghua Rd. about 10 minutes and turn right when you hit Aofong Rd. , then you could take Jhongjhen Rd. to TCSAC .
  Q Can you tell me the location of TCSAC?     
A It locates in Cingshuei Township of Taichung City, total area measurement is about thirty thousand square meters.
  Q Are there any good places to visit near TCSAC?     
A Gaomei wetland, Gaomei botanical garden, Aofong sports park, Wuci fish market, Daja Mazu temple .
  Q Can you help me to find XXX?     
A Sorry! We don't have broadcasting system, but we can help you to find him/her.
  Q Excuse me, where can I have the meal?     
A Yes, there is a coffee shop on the second floor .
  Q Are there any special meals?     
A There are many special meals near our center, like noodles soup, rice pudding, meatball, and seafood…and so on.
  Q Can you tell me where is the nursery room?     
A Yes, it over there, and please write down your name.
  Q Where is the water spring?     
A Please go upstairs to go outside, the water spring at the end of corridor.
  Q Are there paper-cups beside water spring?     
A Yes, here is for you.
  Q Where is the toilet?     
A Exhibition hall:
1.You can go outside and see a building over there, please walk along with the right hand side until the end of corridor,
   then you can see it.
2.Go straight and walk to the back of the wall .
3.the cross corner of the exit; the front corridor of gift shop.
  Q Do you have more toilet in addition to the first floor?     
A Yes! Please go upstairs and walk outside to the cross corner or the front corridor of gift shop.
  Q Excuse me, where is the public phone?     
A Please go outside and walk to the corner of the performance hall, or just go outside to walk to our gate.
  Q Does it need to buy ticket to visit TCSAC?     
A No, it doesn't, but the Performance room needs ticket.
  Q I am friend of your director Mr. Hong, can I have his phone number?     
A Sorry, Mr. Hong's phone number is not for open, please leave your message and he will contact you as soon as possible.
  Q How do I go to the exhibition rooms?     
A administration Area: please go upstairs passing through gift shop, then go down to the 1st floor.
  Q Can you show me the way to the performance hall?     
A After entering our gate, please turn right first then turn left (white roof buiding)go out and turn left (white roof building)
  Q Are there any activities this month?     
A Yes! Sure! What kind of activities do you want to check?
  Q Can I go there by train?     
A Yes, you could take coast line and get off in Cingshuei train station and take taxi to our center.
  Q What kind of transportation can I take to TCSAC?     
A You could take Jyu Ye bus to Cingshuei junior high school, and walk to our center about 8 minutes.
  Q Excuse me, where can I take a visit except the exhibition rooms? ?     
A Yes, there is the Artists Archives on the second floor, in addition, we have been holding many activities and performances each month, you can go to our website or check the monthly DM of our center.
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