Open Hour
Exhibition Hall

Tuesdays-Sundays, 9:00am-5:30 pm (Monday closed)

Concert Hall

depending on the monthly schedule.

Open-Air Square

Mondays-Sundays, 8:00am-10:00 pm

For the intellectual rights and safety reasons, please pay more attentions to the rules when you attend the exhibition or the performing activities. Let's make our effort to preserve the beautiful environment together! pening Hours:

  1. Talk softly when you enter the hall; no chasing and playing in the hall.
  2. Dressed neatly; do not enter in slippers or bare feet.
  3. Do not carry any food or beverage into the hall; no smoking, eating betel nuts or chewing gums.
  4. No photos or video taking.
  5. Do not touch the exhibits and keep quiet.
  6. Do not carry any dangerous, flammable objects or animals into the hall; please put the umbrellas on the stand.
  1. Please enter the hall in 30 minutes before the program is started; one ticket for one person only. (Free ticket redemption should be booked on the spot.)
  2. Do not smoke and eat in the performance room.
  3. No sound recording/video taking/photos is allowed.
  4. Please turn off the cell phone in the programs.
  5. Please be dressed neatly; do not enter in slippers or bare feet.
  6. Except for special children’s programs, children under age of 7 and height fewer than 100cm are not allowed to enter.
  7. Please contact our information center or ticket-sale points to get the performance schedules.
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